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Dpurat Conférence annuelle de synthèse et de recommandation 2022

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On February 27, 2023, Dpurat held its annual Summary and Commendation Conference, called "Move Forward with Courage," and presided over by Vice President Dongyou Zhang. 


President Guangneng Wang began the conference with an inspiring speech about building culture to promote management, seizing opportunities to expand the market, and driving high-quality development of the enterprise.




Then, Vice President Lingyun Zhang read out the commendation decisions and awardees. Key personnel who contributed to the year's successes received recognition, and the evaluation process provided constructive feedback to company personnel.


Finally, President Wang signed a safety production responsibility contract with relevant departments and personnel, and the production department manager signed a safety production responsibility contract with the team leaders of each workshop.

The Dpurat 2022 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference was a celebration of the year's successes, as well as an opportunity to identify areas of improvement. The conference inspired company personnel to be bold and push boundaries, while always focusing on the betterment of the company and its customers. We hope to come out of the conference with a clearer sense of unity, purpose, and courage, so that we can continue to move forward together and accomplish even greater things in 2023!

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